Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday Week: Celebrating with Emer D

Happy Thirsty Thursday Everyone!

What is birthday week you may ask?  Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like…celebrating your birthday for a WEEK!  Mine started last Saturday and will finish up this Sunday.  Although, there will be a bit more celebrating when I head home to NJ next week.  One can never over celebrate a birthday.  I mean I have to get it all in while I can; Christmas is coming in exactly 10 days! 
So, since Saturday I have treated myself to a Starbucks Americano (everyday),

bought myself new running shoes,

went on a bit of a JCREW shopping spree (at the outlet and everything was an additional 30-50% off, this spree was definitely a no brainer), and slimmed down/toned up with TIU’s 7 Day Slim Down.  Now some might ask why I choose to take part in the 7 Day Slim Down during my celebratory birthday week, a time when you are supposed to indulge.  Well, the rational for doing so is pretty simple actually…I want to look DAMN good when I go out Friday and Saturday this weekend!  See, I knew you would understand ;). 
However, tonight, by far, has been the best celebration.  Tonight I babysat Emer D (that’s what I call her).  I’ve been babysitting (or as we now call it now, having date nights) with Emer D since she was five months old…she just turned four a few months ago.  We have a pretty special relationship, and I absolutely love watching her.  Seeing as though my birthday is Saturday, Emer D wanted to pick out a present, all by herself, for me this year.  So she did.  She was SO excited for me to open them and couldn’t wait to try them out – the box was open even before I finished reading my card.  Seriously, how cute is she!?

(Disco ball and she is standing on my new comfy fleece blanket)

Then she wanted to sing me happy birthday, but realized she didn’t have a cake…so we improvised.  She toasted some bread and spread on some Cookie Butter (I will get to that later) and even put on candles.  After she sang happy birthday, she ripped the bread in half so I could share with her. 

We then continued to color by light of my new disco ball until bed time.  And if that wasn’t special enough, she also read to me tonight.  For her birthday she asked for reading lessons (yep, you read correctly, reading lessons) and was so excited to show me what she has been learning.  She read the entire book perfectly, by the way.
So all in all, tonight was, again by far, the best birthday celebration.  Emer D made me feel so special, from picking out my presents, helping me open them, singing happy birthday, making my “cake” to reading me a bedtime story.  I love how innocent and sassy she is, all at the same time.
She wanted to take the picture.

I have a couple more posts coming your way which include a recipe for Fruit Pizza, a fun holiday homemade gift and a few other things…so stay tuned! 

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

- Rachael -

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