Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Testy Tuesday ...

Happy Tuesday!
I’m SOO sorry for neglecting you lovely people these past couple of days.  Please forgive me?!  I know I said I would try to post something every day this week; however, give me a few minutes and I will explain what has been going on and you WILL hopefully totally understand!

Let’s start with today…  I woke up at 5am for my Tone It Up booty call, made coffee and turned on my work computer.  As soon as the computer started up I was greeted with THIS...  “Computer failed; cannot find c:/ drive.”  I mean really, come on now!  And to make it even better, the screen was completely black and all of my files/programs were nowhere to be found.  My first thought was crap, not the exact word, but you know what I mean ;).  I grabbed my phone and called my dad, he is my computer go to guy; however, once I told him it was my work computer he so helpfully said, “Rachael its 5:30am, this is your work computer, go call your help desk!”  Not what I really wanted to hear, as you could imagine.  So, I quickly got ready for work and got to my desk (at 6:30am no less) and frantically called our help desk!  Normally I would love the idea of having no access to my e-mail for an entire day at work; however, we are in our final two weeks of a grant and moving at a very quick pace.  No time for slacking.  All-in-all the entire help desk (those guys are amazing) had my computer up and running by 11:00am!  First crisis of the day averted, check!
Second crisis of the day is now in full swing, well was up until about 30 minutes ago.  So tomorrow is our work “extended business meeting” because of course you can’t call it a holiday party even though our conference room is all decked out in holiday gear!  Anyway on to the good stuff…So last week after seeing these cute snowman treats on Julie's website, Willow Bird Baking, I signed up to bring them.  I mean how cute are they and how much fun would they be to bring to my holiday party, oops sorry “extended business meeting?” 

So on Sunday I went out and got all of the ingredients.  I also premade the base of the snowman and saved the rest for tonight, so that they would be fresh for tomorrow.  Don’t they look cute already?

HAHA – that’s what I thought too, just wait!  My first mishap was with melting the chocolate.  Normally an easy task, but apparently not for this girl!  I bought candy quick, just like the recipe called for; however, once that chocolate hit the microwave everything went downhill.  The chocolate was not melting all together and I ended up heating it too long.  So, what did I do?  Well, I went to Michael’s to buy the white chocolate saucers of course!   The chocolate was melting perfectly until it was time to dip the snowman balls in.  Once they made contact with the chocolate, again, everything went downhill.  I salvaged a couple; however, they are pretty sad looking and nothing like Julie's - she must be a magician, or I just have no skill.  I'm going to go with the I just have no skill option!
So, yet again, what did I do?  I threw those suckers out, keeping these sad looking ones, and went back to the grocery store. 

This time I purchased ingredients for a recipe I knew I couldn’t mess up…Fruit Pizza.  I literally make this dessert for EVERY function I go to.  Not only is it healthy, but it is SO easy to make and everyone loves it!  Tonight I will make the crust and tomorrow I will top it with fruit.  I promise to share the recipe and pics tomorrow :).
Now after ALL of that I either need a huge glass of wine or a good workout.  I am opting for the good workout – I’m doing the 7 Day Slim Down to look extra cute for my birthday this Saturday!  And a huge plus was coming home to Tone It Up’s Tuesday workout, one that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!  These girls are seriously the best.  Have a great night (and workout) everyone! 

What is your go to recipe to bring to parties?
- Rachael -

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