Thursday, December 29, 2011

Productive Afternoon

Good Evening, Friends!

Wow two posts in one day, aren't you lucky!  Well, not really, this is going to be a short one - I have dinner and Ryan Reynolds waiting for me.  Okay, you got me dinner and the Green Lantern movie.  Let a girl dream a little :)

Today I met up with one of my friends from grad school, who is actually back in school getting her Ph.D. She moved to NYC back in August and even though I visit home (NJ) often I still haven't gotten the chance to meet up with her.  Anyway, she was heading back to the city today, but was still able to fit in a quick lunch with me at Panera.  Let me just take a minute and say that I am in love with Panera's "You Pick Two."  I always get the same thing (Classic Salad and Black Bean Soup), but everything is just so yummy! 

After lunch I came home, made myself a Tone It Up Peppermint Latte and got to work on my paper outline.  Apparently the latte was just what I  needed.  I was able to crank that baby out in a little over an hour.  Woohoo! 

Then it was to the GYM, where I was looking forward to running again.  I haven't ran since my fall on Christmas Eve.  I was so ready... I got on that treadmill, did my 5 minute warm up and then started to run at a pretty steady pace of 6.0.  Although after about 10 minutes I suddenly felt drained.  I didn't give up though, I went about 5 more minutes and then changed to walking on a 10.0 incline at 4.3.  I am not quite sure what my body was trying to tell me (other than, "Rachael, slow down"), but at least I was able to get a good solid 45 minutes out of it.  I am hoping tomorrows run will be a bit more productive than today's, because let me tell you walking on the treadmill ... BORING!

Tonight's dinner was inspired by a recipe I found on Chelsey's website "Clean Eating Chelsey." 

I tweaked the recipe a bit and promise to share it with you tomorrow.  I would write up my version now, however, it is currently staring me in the face saying " me" and I must comply with its request! And I also have Ryan waiting in the other room :).   

How do you deal with your body saying slow you comply or push just a little harder?

- Rachael -

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